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"The Roasted Tomato and Garlic Ghost Chili Sauce is to die for on chicken wings."

Bronwyn Hope

"Short and sweet with no complicated words that I can’t pronounce, that’s the way an ingredient list should read!" 

Ron Levi

"I hope you took a look at the ingredients list. There is one component that is thankfully missing that you unfortunately find in most BBQ sauces. High fructose corn syrup. Instead what you see here is what you get. And each flavour stands on its own."


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Bunches of garlic hanging to dry by the stems. in the Okanagan, Canada.

Hand Crafted in the Okanagan

Every ingredient is carefully selected for maximum flavor. Gourmet blends are created using fresh, locally grown produce straight from the garden. I grow allot of the stuff myself, and I also like to network with other local growers. From fresh, juicy peaches and tomatoes, to aromatic herbs like basil and oregano, to root vegetables like carrots and garlic; the Okanagan harvest provides a wealth of quality produce to work with.

Produce, much of which is organic, is harvested at the peak of it's ripeness and brought straight to my kitchen to become part of the next creation. Certain ingredients are only available for a small window of time, which means some sauces are limited edition.

Every small batch is made and bottled entirely by hand.

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A wild BC salmon filet dressed with Denzel's White Wine Dill Mustard on a cedar plank sitting on a bbq grill with flames rising from both sides. Looking absolutely succulent.

Grilling in Style

Pictured here is a cedar plank salmon dressed with Denzel's White Wine Dill Mustard.

Dinner is simple this way. Make sure you have some of this gourmet mustard on hand and don't forget to soak your cedar plank at least 1hr to 12hrs ahead of time.

Place your salmon filet on a soaked plank and spread white wine dill mustard in a thin layer over the top. Close the lid and grill until desired doneness (usually between 15 - 20 minutes).

Enjoy the fresh, delicate and succulent flavor of this simple dish, perhaps with a summer salad, roast potatoes and a BC Sauvignon Blanc.

White Wine Dill Mustard
Shelves in a farmer's market lined with jars of Denzel Sanberg's Gourmet Mustards and bottles of Denzel's Hot Sauces.

Look for my Products

Sometimes you can spot my products in your local Farmer's Market or Grocery Store. Send me an e-mail if you'd like to locate a vendor near you. Or you can always purchase them from the online store on this site.

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Zombie Hot Sauce Graveyard

Discontinued sauces may occasionally get resurrected for a limited time.

Sauce Cemetery