Denzel Sandberg Best Handcrafted Sauce & Seasoning Company Enderby, BC



March 8,2022 -Well, I suppose it’s always nice to get these sorts of things. I had found out I was nominated for this in September.  I didn’t think much of it really. In December I found out that I apparently won this distinction. II will say this though, it didn’t cost me a penny. Which is more than I can say about all but one of the food awards I won which always had an entry fee to submit products. It could be a nice feather in the cap or … akin to being the skinniest fat guy on the planet. Either way this is from their press release:

“Corporate Vision proudly presents the return of the 6th annual Canadian Business Awards. We look to recognise the tireless efforts of the industries, businesses and individuals that continue to strive above and beyond in what they do. The Great White North economy continues to thrive under challenging times through the determination of the workers, owners and everyone involved in business.”

For more info on these awards:

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