20 years is a long time isn't it?

Sometime during the month of May, 20 years ago, at the Shuswap Farmers Market in Salmon Arm BC, I conviinced some poor soul to buy a bottle of hot sauce. Now it wasn't the first bottle of sauce I had ever sold. To be clear I was making and selling hot sauce in Prince George for at least a year or two before that.  I was selling my concoctions at my music stores and also at the Prince George Farmers Market. But it was really a hobby back then. It really wasn't a business until I moved to Salmon Arm.

Of course much has changed during all that time but I suppose I could give you the condensed version. Or at least the stuff that sticks out the way I see it.

I no longer want to have my products sold all over the country in every single store. I don't try and win things anymore. Haven't entered a food competition since 2012. I've won like 20 plus International awards. I don't have anything to prove to me anyways. Winning stuff was important back then. It got me known through the media and the such. Because of this I really don't have to advertise at all or not much anyways.

I rarely do events anymore although I really enjoy the markets and festivals it's hard to find the time really. I still make everything by hand and although I do have some friends that chip in and help from time to time, I pretty much make most things myself.

It's quite possible that many peope have had my sauces and don't know it. I private label alot of my products. I don't label anything until I know what label is going on it. 

In recent years I've been more interested in making things from produce I either grow myself or I obtain from local farmers. This kinda began when I started the Grindrod Garlic Company. I'm no longer involved in that, but that was when I started growing ingredients and developing new products. In the future I'm going to continue with that mindset and I have some things in the works.

So I guess I should probably do something to thank all the people that have supported me over the years. So for the next year or so I'll be giving away something with every order made on the website. For starters I'll be throwing in a jar of the Southwest Seasoning with all online orders until the end of June. Then I'll put up something else for a month etc.. You can see my products here: https://denzelsandberg.ca/

I'm also going to try and get out more and do some events, especially local ones. I'm for sure going to me attending the Enderby Farmers market whenever I can and hopefully the Grindrod Garlic Festival if I can get in. After that who knows?

I'm seriously thinking of entering some products in competitions this year. Haven't really decided on that yet.

Hopefully this didn't bore everyone silly. Once again thanks for supporting my hot sauce making habits and maybe I'll see you all out and about.






  • I did a sampling in Kamloops and I am a happy customer! Best taste of any sauce I’ve ever had!

    T. Heigh
  • Hey rediscovering your sause. I remember my friend Bruce Stuart introduced me to your hot sauce a long time ago in Prince George. I moved to Port Alberni and just found Roof Beer root beer bbq sause, hey fantastic! 👋 

    Chris knudsen
  • Love your products man I’ve been sampling hundreds of different kinds of hot sauce and I haven’t had any that are even on par with yours Denzel’s sauces are in a league of there own

    Ty Mcpherson

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