My Seasonings...

So I've been in this game for nearly 20 years now.  Right from the beginning I've had a small line of seasonings. I pretty much only sold them at Farmers Markets, Festivals, Craft Fairs, etc.  In other words only at places where I was present. I think I may have originally offered them to retailers at first but they were never really a priority to me. They aren't pleasant to make...sneezing, eyes burning...stuff like that.  They weren't something I really wanted to be making all the time.

I originally had 4 blends. I did always get positive feedback on them.  Especially the Southwest Seasoning.  Somewhere along the line I made this product available as a private label item to a customer that has absolutely run with it and I have made thousands of jars of this stuff for them. Looks like that arrangement is coming to an end for a bunch of different reasons but I'll speak more on that matter at some later date. So although I still don't want to be making these all the time, it's obvious that there is a big demand for this type of product. So while I still don't want to put these seasonings in retail stores I am making them available on my website.

The new ones are pretty much all developed to use the garlic that I grow myself and purchase from garlic farmers in the area.  Tryin to keep it local.

Something I would like feedback on though....packaging is well, unreliable I think. I get the jars from Dollarama...haha.  All my jars in one basket.  If anyone has ideas...I'd love to hear em.



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