Website paused for ordering until May 1, 2022

So, I probably should have said something before, but the website is not accepting orders until the end of April.  It will probably be May 1st. So, you can look you just can't buy anything. I'm pretty much a one man show, and the man is recharging his batteries and undergoing scheduled maintenance. Nothing crazy or anything just some R and R down in Mexico, The site has actually been down since mid January.

Going forward I'll still be taking my time off but hopefully I will have someone in place to ship out the website orders. Gonna start looking when I return.

I can also see the business going into more of a seasonal mode.  Less chain grocery and more fruit stand or mom and pop operations that are either on a similar schedule or  are ok with working things out with me.  Lifestyle is real important to me these days.  It's also very good for my creative side to be surrounded by all these peppers and regional cuisines. Plus I have a house down here that needs attention from time to time.

Anyways sorry for the inconvenience. 



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